Инжектори AC W03 - 3 цил. с манифолд 1.9 Ohm - комплект

Ref: 1201240394


Всички цени са крайни с включен данък добавена стойност където е приложимо. Разходите по доставката се заплащат от клиента.
Доставката е безплатна за суми над 1200 BGN с ДДС.(НЕ ВАЖИ ЗА ГАЗОВИ БУТИЛКИ!)
Срок на доставка: до 48 часа след получаване на плащане съобразно Общите условия.

Спецификации за Инжектори AC W03 - 3 цил. с манифолд 1.9 Ohm - комплект

Производител/Марка AC Spolka/STAG
Брой цилиндри 3 цилиндъра
Време на отваряне/затваряне (ms) 2.0/1.0
Мощност на цилиндър (kW/HP) 13-33.8kW (17.5-45.8HP) при 1.2 bar
С включени дюзи да
Съпротивление на бобината (Ω) 1.9 Ohm
Тип инжектор единичен

AC W03

STAG AC W03 injector are designed for LPG and CNG injection systems in all vehicle engines, including turbocharged ones.  The device ensures excellent operating parameters and compatibility with other products of AC S.A.

STAG AC W03 – as a single section injector can be installed in a wide range of configurations and settings.

Modern design

STAG AC W03 have been designed to provide accurate injection times in any conditions.  This has been achieved by using specifically selected materials, a lighter and simpler construction that ensures excellent stability in variable ambient conditions, in particular temperature and pressure.

Innovative heat dissipation system

The injector coil housings are built in the form of radiator – this is an innovative solution – which has not been seen on the market so far – that ensures the best heat dissipation system and guarantees excellent performance.

Ideal system for connecting components

The system for connecting components allows a large number of mounting positions. The unique construction enables the PS-04 integrated gas temperature sensor, vacuum and pressure sensor to be installed on any side. In addition, this sensor, with low inertia of the response to gas temperature changes, can be rotated by 360˚ even after it has been installed on the injector.

Measurement accuracy

STAG AC W03, due to excellent opening and closing times, quickly react to minimum and transient control signal changes. The close vicinity of the pressure sensor improves measurement precision.

Technical specification

Gas flow through section at 1.2 bar [l/min]125
Max. section performance at 1.2 bar pressure [kW/hps]33 / 45
Working temperature [˚C]-20 do +120
Maximum working pressure [kPa]400
Opening time / closing time [ms]2,0/ 1,0
Coil resistance1,9Ω
Suggested nozzle sizeØ 1,5; Ø 1,8; Ø 2,0; Ø 2,2; Ø 2,4; Ø 2,6
(can be drilled independently up to Ø 2.8 max.)
Gas inlet – pipe stub [mm]Ø 6
Gas outlet – pipe stub [mm]Ø 6
Overall dimensions [mm]48 x 60 x 28,5
Service life [km] 
- in urban cycle100 000
- in extra urban cycle200 000
Weight [g]88