Инжекторна рейка TOMASETTO IT01 - 4 цилиндъра 2 Ohm - комплект

Ref: 1201240300


Всички цени са крайни с включен данък добавена стойност където е приложимо. Разходите по доставката се заплащат от клиента.
Доставката е безплатна за суми над 1200 BGN с ДДС.(НЕ ВАЖИ ЗА ГАЗОВИ БУТИЛКИ!)
Срок на доставка: до 48 часа след получаване на плащане съобразно Общите условия.

Спецификации за Инжекторна рейка TOMASETTO IT01 - 4 цилиндъра 2 Ohm - комплект

Производител/Марка TOMASETTO
Брой цилиндри 4 цилиндъра
Време на отваряне/затваряне (ms) 2.8/2.4
Мощност на цилиндър (kW/HP) 12-48kW/16-65HP
С включени дюзи да
Съпротивление на бобината (Ω) 2.0 Ohm
Тип инжектор рейка

TOMASETTO IT01 - 4 cylinders 2 Ohm

Injector rail for LPG and CNG sequential systems

The IT01 PLUS rail injector is designed in two different versions and various configurations, it can be supplied with 2, 3 or 1.5 Ohm coil and is compatible with the majority of the ECUs distributed in the markets.

The IT01 rail injector is homologated according to the ECE ONU 67R-01, 110R e 10R-03.

IT01 rail injector has been designed to allow easy installation and manteinance: it does not require the setting of the solenoid core, assuring the performance of the injector also after the maintenance, without difficult processes and dedicated setting machinery.


The Standard version is composed by a central high-resistance plastic body and it is available in three different configurations, for engines with 2, 3 and 4 cylinders, in order to facilitate the installation in every type of car. 



Working pressure

From 0.5 to 2.5 bar gauge

Max pressure

7 bar gauge

Power supply

12÷14 V

Coil resistance

2 ± 5% Ω@20°C


Peak and hold [PWM]

Peak current


Hold current*

1.1 A (PWM 10 kHz@DC20%)

Complete opening time*

2.8 ms@12V

Closing time*

2.4 ms (PWM 10kHz@DC20%)

Peak current time*

3.5 ms@12V

Minimum injection pulse*

3.2 ms@12V

Suggested minimum injection time at idle condition

3.5 ms@12 V

Static flow rate @ 1 bar (for each injector)

115 Nl/min in air

Static flow rate @ 2 bar (for each injector)

170 Nl/min in air

Body material

PPS + 40% GF

Calibrated nozzle material


Electrical connector type

AMP superseal 150

Operating Temperature range

-20/+120 °C

Inlet gas fitting

Rubber hose d.12 mm

Outlet gas fitting

Rubber hose d.6 mm